Crazy for Comics!

I picked up Men of Tommorow at the library today. A book about the early early days of comic books. Coincidentally this is the historical setting for one of my favourite books EVER Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay. I read comic books when I was a kid, and heck I read comic books now too. I find it interesting how the genre has become quite normalized and almost no longer has a stigma attached to it.

This is all old news of course, Art Spiegelman won a Pulitzer for Maus, Adrian Tomine does covers for the New Yorker and a book about a boy and his comics (the very same Kavalier and Klay also won a Pulitzer!)

I was also reminded by Guy Leshinski over at the Cultural Gutter that I should make my way up to the Toronto Reference Library to catch the comics exhibit before it closes.

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