Who Really Owns The World?

The correct and accurate answer is that the governments of the respective countries are not in control. The politicians are not in control. The armed forces of the respective countries are not in control. Then who is? It is the elite that rules and controls the world. Someone was right when they said that it is the money which makes the world go round. And indeed, who has the most money has more power over us.

The super elite and the mega rich segments of the society are the ones who control what we see, what we hear and what we do. They are the ones who control the mainstream media, the mega corporations, the financial institutions and subsequently the governments and the politicians. And through these institutions, especially the financial ones, they yield considerable amount of control and power.

It is through them that our politicians are able to spend millions on their campaigns. It is through that we get to know what is happening around the world. It is through them that we start hating a particular segment of the society and start promoting and supporting another segment.

As a matter of fact, there are a total of 147 mega corporations which control forty percent of the global economy. This means that almost one percent of the total corporations are able to control almost half of the world's economy. Some of these mega corporations include Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley etc.

The World Bank, IMF and all the central banks literally control the creation and movement of the money worldwide. We all know what central banks are. They control the financial and the banking systems of their respective countries. Each country has one. Ever heard of Bank for International Settlements (BIS)? It is no ordinary bank. It is the central bank of all the central banks combined. Its branches are located in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Mexico City. This bank is not accountable to any single entity, organisation or person on this universe. It is immune to all laws. It guides, controls and directs the 58 central banks that belong to it. After every two months, the central bankers of the world meet up to decide how the economy of the globe would fare in future. And who found BIS? Who owns it? Yes, you guessed it right!! The super elite owns it.

So, next time something happens in your country, do not fall into the trap thinking the politicians were behind it. Politicians are merely puppets, doing and obeying what their masters say.

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