Boy Reporter at MOMA

Hypothetical conversation between MOMA architect Yoshio Taniguchi and a member of the MOMA board:

Board Member: Uhm, Yoshio these drawings look great. We especially love the way you're using glass to dissect the staircase. It frames our gallery goers quite well. There is a problem though.

Yoshio Taniguchi: Problems?! What problems, I made sure I looked over everything. I even made sure you got light into that square box of a building. Natural light! In Mid-town Manhattan, do you know how hard that is?!

BM: But uhm....

YT: No buts, I've designed nine museums. I won't listen to your philistine arguments.

BM: Yoshio, you left something out.

YT: Left something out? Would you tell Frank Lloyd Wright to change something?! I don't think so.

BM: Uhm, really it's quite important!

YT: This should be good....

BM: You forgot the coat-check.

YT: @#$%%#$#

I'm sure that Mr. Taniguchi is a lovely individual.... and the new MOMA is a gorgeous building and the $20 fee is almost, uhm, justified. But for all that money, couldn't you have designed a bigger more efficient coat-check? I know it's busy in the winter with all those coats and scarves and mittens. And I know it's probably busy right now because everyone is ogling the lovely new building. but couldn't you have come up with a more efficient system? One that helps out those tourists that speak 80 languages trying to figure out where they can retrieve their backpacks and coats after entering a zen-like state staring at a Malevich painting? I only write this because I was waiting for close to an hour to check in my bag, when I could've been staring at Warhols and Dalis and Jeff Walls and Gurskys!

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