Where Is Niagara Falls?

The beautiful Niagara Falls
as seen inside the park in New York
Niagara Falls, one of the world's best tourist destinations is flocked by large number of tourists every year from all over the globe who visit this wonderful destination to behold the splendor of the majestic Falls - one of the wonders of the world.

There are various ways to get to the Falls area.

By Air

The ideal way to reach this wonderful destination is by air. Tourists who prefer to travel by air fly into Hamilton (Ontario), Toronto or Buffalo in New York. The airports of these three cities are closely located to this world famous waterfall. In order to get to it from the airport, tourists can either rent a car or taxi and can even take a shuttle bus.

By Bus

The Falls Shuttle operated by Niagara Falls Transit connects most of the important tourist attractions. All-day passes are also available for the tourists for availing the Falls Shuttle and other Niagara Transit buses.

Besides this, The Niagara Parks Commission runs their private transportation system known as People Mover. These buses are run consistently beside the Niagara River from the Rapids view parking lot and stop at every Niagara Parks attractions.

Moreover Trailways Bus Service is also accessible directly to both cities in New York and Ontario.

The People Mover facility would soon be substituted by a single Visitor Transportation System by the beginning of summer of 2012. This transportation system would cover all the tourist spots as well as the commercial areas of Niagara Falls.

Train Services

The Niagara Falls Amtrak Train Service offers the most convenient train services with frequent trains to Niagara Falls.

The Empire Service offers you with frequent trains that run daily between the Falls, Albany and then to New York City thus making your business as well as leisure travel convenient. Besides this, the Maple Leaf Service too connects New York City with Niagara.

Initiatives are being taken to build up a world-class inter modal train that will be completed by 2013 in downtown. This is a $40 million project which will help in bringing visitors closer to downtown thereby introducing a statewide network of high-speed rail lines.

Car & Cab Facilities

There are private car service as well as cab facilities available for the tourists. The car and cab services operate from Toronto International Airport, Buffalo Niagara International Airport and Hamilton International Airport.

A trip by air, bus, train or car is an amusing experience that you will cherish throughout your life. Moreover cheap flight tickets as well as affordable bus and train tickets make your trip more delightful and a lot more satisfying.

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