Express With Body Jewelry

For quite a long time, body jewelry was considered a taboo and many people looked down upon it as something that's not respectable and generally not approved of. Nowadays it's a completely different story though - piercing one's body has become more or less accepted in most rings of society, both among men and women. Sure, you can't expect to go to some extremities like completely covering your face with rings and get a white-collar job, but you can still do plenty with your body without limiting your potential in any way.

Piercing the lower lip is particularly common today - rings worn there are known as "labret" and come in various shapes and sizes, mostly suitable for any attire and style of clothing. If you're subtle enough with your labret, you should be able to incorporate it into your looks without offending anyone and actually improving people's interest towards you.

Also, you should try doing something with your nose - a small ring on one side of it (such as a sparkly gem to complement the color of your blouse) can be a very stylish addition to your looks and definitely something that will sparkle a conversation on a few occasions.

While we're still at the face, the eyebrows are also a popular spot for modifications for many people, and there's certainly a lot you can do there in terms of piercing - not only can you choose a different location along the line of your eyebrows, but there are also a large number of styles of rings available for you to pick from, making this one of the most convenient accessories for constantly altering your looks.

If you're a girl, you can also use a navel ring. This is a very versatile accessory, as it's the perfect thing to wear to a party and liven up your looks, while also being extremely easy to conceal in an official environment, making it one of the easiest types of body piercing to incorporate into your everyday clothing style.

The nipples have also gained popularity as a choice of piercing in recent times, though statistics show that men are more inclined towards this than women. Still, it's suitable for both genders and depends entirely on one's own preferences. Of course, women should take care to perform it at a professional, in order to prevent harming their ability to feed their baby at a later point.

Last but not least, try to throw in some variety in your looks - sure, having an odd body piercing can sparkle people's interest in you, but if you want to maintain that, you should try out different styles and accessories, and perhaps even different locations - don't limit yourself to the style that worked for you in the beginning, try to constantly alter yourself and get the most out of your body - only this way you can develop your full visual potential and become the truly captivating person you can be!

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