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Los Angeles and the Hollywood hills were for a long time the only Mecca for the North American movie industry. New York has always followed closely. However, throughout the years and mostly due to economic reasons, Ontario's capital has become a privileged place for the film industry.

Many people are surprised when they find out that famous movies, which are thought to be made in the USA, were actually filmed further north. We want to give you a list of some of this productions so that you have an idea of the important role of this city when it comes to movies.

- X-Men (2000): Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto meet in the suitably futuristic surroundings of Roy Thompson Hall to discuss the future of human- and mutant-kind.

- Serendipity (2001): This famous New York film actually uses some streets of Canada's largest city as filming locations.

- Chicago (2002): The movie might be set around the windy city, but several scenes were shot in Ontario's capital: the Elgin Theatre, Union Station, Osgoode Hall, and the Queen's Park legislature building.

- My big fat Greek wedding (2002): The city's Greektown along Danforth Avenue appears prominently throughout the movie, and if you'll also spot downtown's Ryerson University and Jarvis Collegiate Institute.

- How to lose a guy in ten days (2003): Another famous Manhattan film, gets all of the scenic shots there, but much of the movie's inside scenes were done in Canada, like the "Knicks" game at Madison Square Garden and the gala event near the end of the film.

- Resident Evil- Apocalypse (2004): There are key scenes in Nathan Phillips Square and at the Prince Edward Viaduct. The CN Tower even makes a brief appearance.

- Mean Girls (2004): This comedy was filmed in a number of real-life Canadian high schools. Sherway Gardens, UofT's Convocation Hall, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, and Malvern Collegiate Institute are some of the locations used.

-The incredible Hulk (2008): Though it may seem as the film was shot in New York, it was actually shot in the city's downtown core, in areas such as Yonge Street and the Financial District.

- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010): Some recognizable places include the Public Library, Casa Loma as well as popular coffee shops on St. Clair West. While some films prefer to conceal their Canadian affiliations, director proudly infuses local culture into almost every aspect of the movie.

- Cosmopolis (2012): The columns of Union Station provide the location to one of the key scenes of the movie.

These are only some of many movies that have been filmed in the city. TV series are also often produced here. When you look at all that's taking place here you come to understand the growing importance of Canada when it comes to providing locations and most important production services. Many video production companies have opened, making it an attractive destination when it comes to entertainment, information and advertising industries.

Toronto is Hollywood North

Hollywood North is a term used to describe the film industries and film locations north of California, principally in Canada. Ontario's capital ranks as the largest film and television production centre in Canada, and third overall in North America, behind Los Angeles and New York.

Government tax incentives at both the provincial and federal level promote the city as a destination for many US film productions. It costs less to film and produce north of the border, so many Hollywood directors find in this city the perfect place for bringing their projects to life. In addition to the financial benefit, the Province has worked hard to develop a well-trained labour force and supporting infrastructure. Producers can shoot, edit and animate all in one place, rather than heading back to Hollywood.

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