An art hop in the cold

Elisabeth Belliveau at YYZ until Feb. 12

Despite the fact it was -20 outside I walked to the 401 building and hit a few galleries. YYZ has three of the strongest exhibitions that I've seen in a while. Seth Scriver's installation/illustrations, Karim Zouak's mesmerizing films and the beautifully crafted work of Elisabeth Belliveau.

Belliveau's work struck me the most. She's rescued found objects (gloves, old balls, hot water bottles) and turned them into "sculpture" that strongly resemble animals (rabbits, whales, ducks, elephants, etc.). Using second-hand objects gives her work a texture and 'wear' that just wouldn't be possible if she bought items from the store and it gives many of her works a real depth that I enjoyed. There's even hints of Joseph Cornell in some of these works.

In other news, I've got a few more posts on Torontoist.

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